Power Distribution Boards

  1. Main Lighting Distribution Boards

    Main Lighting Distribution Boards [MLDB] are an integral and essential part of every building project. Our comprehensive range of MLDBs is specifically designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety standards. High in demand in various construction projects for electrical installations, these distribution boards are constructed out of thick steel sheet. Provided with dust and vermin-proof enclosure, the distribution boards are completely protected. Specifically used for distributing power to lighting facilities, our entire range is supplied for use in various plants, offices, airports, hospitals and commercial complexes.
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  2. Power Distribution Board

    Power Distribution Board consists of a Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs), Main Distribution Board (MDB) and Final Distribution Board. It basically transmits the electrical energy via branches to reach the exact end user. Our PDBs include main circuit breakers and residual current or earth leakage protection devices for utmost safety. Stringently tried and tested in accordance to safety standards, these distribution boards have wide space for easy connections of cables. Easy to mount, these power boards are modular systems with different incoming and outgoing sections.
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  3. Socket Distribution Boards

    Suitable for surface mounting, these Socket Distribution Boards [SDB] occupy minimum space. Suitable for the protection of equipment like ACs and motors, these SDBs are fully equipped with earth links, bus bar and inter connecting links. It also includes insulated or captive busbar and neutral links for safety and protection. These distribution boards are wisely manufactured using best quality materials in complete compliance with the industry standards.
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  4. Feeder Pillars

    Feeder Pillars provide local isolation to electrical distribution equipment, thus, protecting both the cabling and the transformer from faults. Our wide range is best known for allowing simple and local maintenance to your equipment, reducing site downtime and overall maintenance costs. Our wide range has fully assembled versions to meet your specification, allowing easy onsite installation. These devices are weather proof for outdoor installations. We also offer this device in free standing, cable connected or transformer mounted designs.
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  5. Starter Panels

    Our Starter Panels are known to provide high performance torque and pump control and generator supply operation. In addition, it also delivers smooth acceleration and deceleration performance. The reliable performance of our panels helps reduce mechanical shock and peak power demands. This also helps extended component and motor life. Ideal for use in various applications including conveyors, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers and belted equipment. Integrated with an easy to use keypad and display screen, this device is provided with an enclosure for protection from dirt and dust.
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  6. Metering Panels

    Our Metering Panel is specifically designed for all types of CT current ratio. It features easy access for connecting inward and outward cable. Easy to install and operate, these panels are offered to clients in a wide range of specifications for meeting their exact needs. These panels are manufactured using best quality materials in accordance with safety standards.
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  7. Changeover Panels

    Our comprehensive range of Change Over Panel enables automatic start up of the standby generator. In addition, it also ensures safe, fast transfer of the load in the event of a mains power cut. When mains power is restored, these panels automatically disconnect the generator and connect the load back to the mains. This panel comes with an excellent benefit of an LCD, allowing the voltage and frequency parameters on both the mains and generator sides to be simultaneously displayed.
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  8. Control Desk

    This Control Desk enables governance, control and compliance to applications, endpoints and assets for protecting critical data and preventing outages. Provided with enclosure, our entire range is completely protected from dirt and dust. Manufactured using best quality components and materials in accordance with industry safety standards, this equipment is offered to clients in a wide range of specifications for meeting their exact needs.
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  9. Control Relay Panels

    These Control Relay Panels are optically isolated, safe and reliable, completely protected from interferences. Equipped with high-current relay, these panels are extensively used for the protection of electrical networks. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor panels, these are available in simplex, duplex, twin feeder and triple feeder versions for various wiring terminations. We offer these panels to clients in a wide range of specifications for meeting their individual requirements.
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